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Anxiety is a brilliant feedback mechanism.

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Feelings of anxiety & worry are a brilliant feedback mechanism of the body to let us know how fast our thinking is going. We aren’t aware of the vast majority of our thought, it happens at an unconscious level. So it is incredibly useful that we have feelings in our body to reflect what is going on in our heads.

Rather than a feeling to be avoided at all costs, what if anxiety is there to wake us up to all the conscious and unconscious noise in our heads? Waking us up to the quality, volume & speed of our thinking?

We don’t have to look for a cause of the anxiety to pin our feelings on. If we do this it just means we have to control everything in our lives so that we don’t feel anxious.

Which = being exhausted.

Yes anxiety does feel bl**dy uncomfortable. Yes, we’d rather is wasn’t there. But what if we can see it for what it REALLY is? A nudge (sometimes a kick in the butt) from our inner selves that our mind is acting like a race track. We’d be wise recognise the race car in our heads, and do what occurs to us to be kind to ourselves in the moment. Whatever brings us back into the present, and into balance.

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