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Lindsey Elliott perimenopause coaching programmes




 Coaching programmes designed to be a catalyst for change

I want you to know that there is nothing that needs fixing,

nothing broken, nothing wrong with you. What if change is much simpler than you think?

Have you had enough of working on yourself?


Have you had enough of listening to the constant narration in your head? Of feeling stressed, anxious, or guilty?


Or maybe you feel overwhelmed by all you have to do; fearful, under pressure, insecure. Or are stuck in a habit or addiction, unable to change…..


If you read endless self-help books, attend numerous webinars or courses telling you how to improve yourself and your life, I want to give you permission to STOP. It’s exhausting!

If you are filling your mind up with other people’s opinions I want you to know there is an easier way. To instead uncover the power within you that has always been there but you may not have noticed yet.


I can support you to experience deep and lasting change.

If there is something you want to change in your life but you haven't been able to get there yourself, I am here to help.

There are three ways you can work one-to-one with me:

8 week 1:1 programme

8 week 1:1 programme

3 or 6-month transformation

(This is the programme for everything else!)

When thinking about starting a coaching programme you will no doubt have many questions such as what exactly is this style of coaching? And is it right for me? To start the process of working with me please book a free (no-pressure!) 30-minute coaching session.


In this session we will have a chance to get to know each other and to discuss:


  • The most pressing issues for you that you wish to see some change around

  • I will explain my approach and ways of working

  • You will have time to ask me as many questions are you wish, so you can decide if this is right for you

  • We can also discuss what it might look like if we decided to work together, programme options etc. There is no pressure to commit

  • If we feel we are a good fit to work together, I will offer you a complimentary 60-minute coaching session so you can experience what working with me would be like


I am available for both online (you can be anywhere!) or face-to-face sessions (held in Brighton). 

Working with me over a sustained, regular period of time allows for the greatest change to occur and creates the space for your transformation to happen. Programmes offer the best value for ongoing change, transformation and support. The longer we work together the more cost effective it becomes. 

The coaching programmes I offer are akin to an immersion. They consist of one-to-one sessions with me, but also contact in between sessions. I only work with a handful of clients at any one time, as this allows me to be fully there for you during our time working together. I am totally committed to your transformation and the change you want to see, but it is a partnership.  To get the most from our time together, you will need to allow some time outside of the sessions for reflection, integration and listening to recordings/reading etc.  

Each year I have space for a few low-cost coaching clients. If you wish to work with me but are experiencing financial squeeze please contact me so we can discuss options. 


I will help you simplify your life. I will point you towards truth. Not good ideas, or helpful beliefs but principles that create the human experience. 100% of the time.

This understanding is not about doing more but doing less - subtracting all that is unhelpful in your life, in your thinking and in your beliefs. That’s a relief eh; life is busy enough.

I won’t be asking you to set goals or make strategies and I won’t be holding you accountable. You are an adult after all.  I won’t be asking you to repeat affirmations, use techniques or tools. Quite frankly, you don’t have time for this and it doesn’t get the results you long for. Instead we’ll look at how life really works, how humans work and your life will transform from there.

Life isn’t as complicated as you think it is. Even 21st century life. It’s actually much simpler than we are led to believe. When we understand how life works (from the inside out) there is only ever ONE place to look. Rather than endlessly looking to change or control the outside world or our circumstances, we only have to look in ONE place – within.

(“How the hell do I do that, Lindsey?” I’ll point you there, don’t worry.)

When we look at your current challenges through the lens of this understanding, you will see them in a totally different way. This will not only help you see solutions that are already within you, but will bring you greater peace of mind, clarity and joy. 

Some of the changes you can expect from coaching with me:

How I Work
  • Less anxiety and worry and/or a totally different understanding of it

  • Freedom from believing negative, judgmental and critical thinking

  • Less stress and an understanding of how stress is really created.

  • Understanding human behaviour – how you work and everyone else works

  • Less conflict in relationships; more harmonious relationships

  • More joy, love, peace and fulfilment in your life

  • A deep sense of your own resilience

  • Breaking free of habits, addictions and behaviours you no longer feel are ‘you’.

  • Increased clarity and better ability to make decisions

  • Feel calmer and happier

  • Trust in yourself, your abilities and life

  • Knowing who you really are

  • Making peace with difficult experiences


Why Work With Me

Why can I help you? Because I’ve been there myself. For a long, long time….until I wasn’t. 

Plus, I’ve studied & trained in a whole bunch of self-help modalities, and techniques. Some of those modalities have useful ideas in them. However I was lucky enough to stumble into a new paradigm which explains how life works and how the human experience is created. This understanding changed everything for me and it can change everything for you too (see my About section or My Story to learn more about the changes I have experienced personally). This isn’t another useful idea, it is Principles or Truth. It is an extremely simple but deep, common sense understanding of mental, emotional and spiritual health that has the ability to transform.

I’d love to work with you get you feeling good in your life again. I’ll point you toward your own innate health, wellbeing, wisdom, peace, joy and resilience that you already have. I will help you to discover the unlimited potential that exists within you. I will help you to experience your own well-being and you will learn in the most powerful way - through your own insights. I won’t bulls**t you but will point you to truth. I will challenge you, but I’ll do it always in a loving, compassionate, heart-centred and often humorous way.

I bring all of myself to you in our coaching sessions. I work in a joyful, happy way. That doesn’t mean we won’t get serious at times but I create a space of love and safety within which this can happen.

I invite you to join me on a journey of discovery; a transformational experience. You are a ball of unlimited potential and you have all you need within you. I simply help you to realise this.


What are you waiting for? Today is your time for change. You deserve to thrive not just survive! Book in today to get started. Your wellbeing and happiness is priceless!


BTW: If you want to look it up it’s called the Three Principles (Sydney Banks is the man who uncovered it) or the Inside-Out understanding. My blog page, as you would expect, has lots of posts about this. Grab a cuppa and head over for a read.


"To call Lindsey a 'life coach' is rather unsatisfying as her firebrand mix of compassion, wisdom, intuition and therapeutic excellence is so much more than this. Working with Lindsey is profoundly transformational and lasting change happens very quickly. The diagnostic process is laser guided and straight to the heart of the issue and the therapeutic modalities that she uses thereafter; rapidly and comfortably remove the underlying 'stuff' that one often can't see oneself when hiring a coach / therapist. I am very lucky to have had Lindsey as the catalyst for some major breakthroughs and would in a heartbeat, entrust the welfare of my friends and family to her."  Jonathan, London

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