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Welcome to the free resources area of my website. You can either listen to audios here, or visit my YouTube channel where there are many free videos. Also check out the blog page for more content. 

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When we're feeling anxious or worried and we think it's because of our circumstances, it's common to see our world getting smaller and smaller. We tend to avoid things that make us anxious, which limits our life and our experiences. We end up saying no to things we really want to do, which can impact our self-esteem and sense of worth.

But what if anxious feelings don’t come from our circumstances? Clearing up this simple misunderstanding can mean freedom from anxiety and worry in a truly life-changing way.


In this audio lesson you will learn:

• How our circumstances are never creating anxious feelings, with real-life examples to illustrate this

• A tip for how to start seeing this liberating fact for ourselves

• Why knowing this makes is easier to simply experience the feeling of anxiety or worry, so we can say yes to what we want to in life

Anxiety Circumstances


Rushing, a fast pace and busyness seem to be standard for modern life. 
We live in a very speeded-up world where more and more seems to be demanded of us. This impacts our physical and emotional health if we feel pressured and stressed a lot of the time. I explore in this audio what we can do about this.

Slowing down
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