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Lindsey Elliott certified Change Coach

"We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same." Marianne Williamson


I grew up in London, born to my two amazing parents. I came along after my older brother, and we have been close ever since we were little kids. I was very blessed to have a loving, supportive and fun childhood filled with a great school life, good friends and a large, vivacious family network. Life was filled with holidays, parties and family fun.


So why didn’t I feel more secure? I wouldn’t fully answer this question for another 2 decades!


Even though I enjoyed my life and had great experiences (university; backpacking; interesting jobs; close friends and partners), life seemed quite stressful (internally anyway), and scary to me back then. I felt insecure much of the time. However, life has a beautiful way of bringing you the experiences that you need to grow.


In my mid-twenties I started to have daily digestive issues that started me on a health and wellbeing path into nutritional therapy, Reiki and other modalities. I became curious that there was more to life than what I could see with my eyes. In 2004 I got married to my then-partner (whom I met at university) and life was pretty good. Then in 2005 I had a miscarriage (the first of many), and it felt like my world fell apart. Soon after this my husband left me, later asking for a divorce, and I felt like I was in free fall. 35 years old…no baby…no marriage…what was I to do?


That said, even during this most dark time, an inner knowing spoke to me and said “I don’t want this to make me bitter", and this force propelled me forward on my spiritual journey to uncover who I really am.


My life is completely different now. Not only from how it looks on the outside but from the inside too. I am remarried to a most beautiful man, have a gorgeous son and have had more experiences of travel, living in Australia for 4 years before moving back home to Brighton. However as grateful as I feel to now have a happy marriage and to be a mum, the internal shifts are where the magic is. When I came across the Three Principles understanding 6 years ago I experienced a massive shift in my self-esteem and feelings of security, happiness and peace. 

Once I learned the true nature of how thought creates our experience of life, and that none of the negative thoughts I believed about myself were true, I found my freedom. I had believed for so long there was something wrong with me. Knowing the opposite of this is true is liberating. Knowing that emotions come from my thinking, not from some defect in me or how I am living my life, further cemented a new lightness, peace and clarity about who I really am (who we all really are!). 


I am now secure in who I am and I know how the human experience of life is created. With knowledge comes freedom; the freedom to be fully myself, warts and all.


The most instrumental experiences of my life have all been influential in ‘pulling’ me along the journey towards internal peace and truth. Without these experiences I may not have searched for my own healing, and been able to discover the amazing therapeutic modalities I practice.


I am excited to work with you, so that you may find your own path back home to yourself.


Three Principles Paradigm, as uncovered by Sydney Banks

Sydney Banks was an ordinary Scottish man, who in 1973 had a profound enlightenment experience. During this experience he uncovered three spiritual Principles that are the foundation of all human experience. He dedicated the rest of his life to teaching these Principles. His teachings are creating a paradigm shift and bringing hope, healing and peace to thousands of people worldwide! If you would like to know more about Sydney Banks you can visit his website here:

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