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Trying to manage your emotions.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

You are no doubt experiencing a lot of different emotions right now. Do you feel that you need to ‘do’ something to change these feelings? Especially those you don’t like? Or do you think they mean something important about you and how you are doing?

Somehow we get fooled into believing that if we have a certain emotion, it will last forever. Or that it is showing us something meaningful about us or our circumstances - it means that we aren’t coping or succeeding in life somehow. This leads us to try and control how we feel, or to control the outside world so that we feel good.

However the truth of how emotions work is that they are other side of the ‘coin’ of our thoughts. Thoughts pass through us thousands of times a day. Some we are conscious of, the vast majority we are not. Thought brings feeling with it, like the inseparable faces of the coin.

Our feelings are telling us about ONE thing and ONE thing only – our thought in THIS moment. They aren’t telling us about our circumstances, the future, the past, how fabulous or terrible we are. They are letting us know about how we are thinking about all these things.

One we know that our emotions are a direct reflection of our thought, and we know that our thinking changes ALL the time, it makes less sense to try to change them. We don’t have to do anything with these thoughts and feelings. The human system is designed to re-set itself moment by moment, without our input – this happens all the time despite what we may believe.

See if you can notice how your thought-feelings change all by themselves as you go about your day.

Freedom from our emotional state is one of specialisms. If you are fed up with being pushed and pulled about by your emotions, book in a free call with me here to explore working with me to find clarity.





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