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Understanding Emotions Without Fixing them (video one in a four-part video series)

Unlocking More Time and Ease in Your Life: A Four-Part Video Series

Have you ever felt like your mental to-do list is endlessly expanding, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and drained? Imagine if you could lighten that load and reclaim your time and energy for what truly matters. In this transformative four-video series, we embark on a journey to explore major life areas that often consume our precious resources when we believe we must manage or control them.

Discover a New Perspective

Each video is designed to guide you through releasing the mental beliefs that weigh you down, offering insights into how our thoughts and minds operate. By adopting a new understanding and perspective, you'll learn to navigate life with more grace and ease.

Are you ready to liberate more time and headspace for yourself? If you are, I do hope you’ll tune in to all four videos as they are released.

Video one

Understanding Emotions Without Fixing Them

Have you ever felt the exhausting need to always be happy or positive? In our first video, we dive into why it's not only unnecessary but also unhelpful to constantly manage or fix our emotions. Discover how experiencing your full range of emotions can surprisingly lead to more peace,  less stress and more time.

We'll explore:

- the common misunderstandings we have about feelings, such as that they ‘mean’ something about who we are or that we will get ‘stuck’ in a certain emotion. These misunderstandings keep us believing we have to manage or fix them.

- how we can take managing our emotions off of our to-do list, 100% of the time

 - how emotions are really working that liberates us from vigilance for them

 - the simple truth about feelings and emotions

 - A useful metaphor to help you to visualise your emotions that makes it easier to experience them

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