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The kindest thing you can do for yourself is not to believe your own thinking.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

“The kindest thing you can do for yourself is not to believe your own thinking” ~

Lindsey Elliott

I know that this may seem like a crazy thing to say. What do we believe if we don’t believe our own minds?


- Our thinking or perception is fluid and changes all the time. It’s very nature is such that we can’t see it or grab hold of it; it isn’t solid or real or fixed. It’s an energy that constantly flows.

- Minds love to make s**t up!! I don’t about your mind, but mine loves to make up stories & give meaning about life and other people, that often isn’t true. It loves to pretend it can predict the future, and even has a ever changing memory of the past. Why would it make sense to believe everything a story-telling mind loves to make up?

- The self-talk of the mind can be harsh, cruel and limiting. Some of us have a pretty harsh inner critic that is it DEFINTELY worth ignoring!

- It is possible for ANYTHING we believe to change, because beliefs are just thoughts that look more real. I would never have believed I could feel fully grateful to my ex-husband for leaving me, but I do now. Perceptions & beliefs change all the time.

However, the best reason to not take our minds so seriously is that we have a deeper place within us that we can totally rely on that navigates life – our inner self, our wisdom, inner intelligence, common sense, soul, eternal self…whatever name we humans want to give it.

There is a part of ALL of us that has helped us survive and navigate life right up until this point, and it will help us navigate the rest of our lives. We’ve all got this going for us - a connection to the essential energy of life that guides us so beautifully.

Peace of mind is already within you, ever present, waiting to be experienced. It’s simply believing our own thoughts that takes us away from it.

If you would love to experience more peace of mind, and connect to your own wisdom, book a free call with me today to find about coaching with me. I’d love to connect with you. Book your free call here.





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