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Home schooling during lockdown? Be kind to yourself.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

This is our home school set up. I am very much aware that I am very lucky to be able to shift my working hours around so that I can help my son with his school work. I imagine that very few people are in this situation, and have kids around while they are trying to fulfil their normal paid job.

This juggle is not easy.

So I’m sending this little reminder today to be KIND to yourself over this time and remember:

· You can drop listening to that critical, nasty voice in your head that’s says you aren’t doing a good enough job…it isn’t real and DEFINTELY doesn’t need to be paid attention to.

· Your best is always good enough, as is your child’s best. All of us are only ever doing the best we can, given the thinking that looks real to us in the moment. I have found this SO transformative to see. It doesn’t matter a jot how other people are doing; YOU are always doing what occurs to you in the moment and this is GOOD ENOUGH for you and your children. This leads nicely onto the next point…

· Guilt about what you are, or are not getting done in a day or how much time you can offer your children, does not have to be given any credit. It’s is not an emotion to be paid attention to. It’s not a sign of how badly you are doing, again it’s just some nasty, negative thinking (that is likely to be habitual).

I am finding that a small amount of time for myself each day (be it simply 15 minutes of reading a book or some deep breathing) is not OPTIONAL at this time - it is vital. When we are being teacher, employee, mum/dad, partner and all the other responsibilities we hold, whilst also not having access to our usual support network, this small amount of time is crucial to fill yourself back up. What brings a smile to your face or makes you feel chilled?

Do that.

It only brings benefits to your children, your body, mind, health and soul when you give yourself some time just to rest and BE xx





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