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Want to know a little secret?

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

This is a picture of a little message printed on the inside of my eyelash serum box.

I know it’s a pretty innocuous message designed for marketing purposes, but it speaks to a prevailing misunderstanding within our society, that anything outside of us can make us experience a good mood or a bad one.

Yes, I know it SEEMS that way – that things in life happen and we feel one way or the other because of the ‘thing’ that is happening. If we look a little deeper at our experience, in truth, we are only ever feeling our very own transient thinking or perception.

What if, every single good feeling you have ever had has come from within you? From that innate space of wellbeing that exists within every one of us? We are born with this good-feeling-energy. It doesn’t go anywhere if we can’t feel it, in the moment. It is merely temporarily covered from our view.

I find it incredibly powerful that nothing outside of me makes me have a good or bad mood. Only my thought in the moment can do that. Even when I ‘think’ my lashes look fabulous (because the serum is really good by the way), I’m never feeling my lashes but my thought about them.





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