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Sugar, beliefs and biology.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

I came across this fascinating study recently, where they took two groups of people and gave them both a sugary drink with 15g of sugar in it. In the first group, they knew they were consuming a drink with high sugar content and the other group were told the drink had zero sugar in it. The results showed the group who knew they were consuming the sugary drink had a greater increase in blood sugar levels than those in the other group.

Our mind and beliefs have such enormous capacity to affect our physiology and biology. Really, we are one entity; mind and body not able to be disconnected from the other. We get a sense of this when we feel our emotions in our bodies – the heaviness of grief; the racing heart of anxiety or fear; the warmth of love. If our beliefs can affect our blood sugar levels, imagine how they play into our how we see ourselves and our life…

It’s one of the reasons that much of my work is encouraging my clients to explore their beliefs and how they are impacting their experience of themselves and their lives. Our beliefs shape our biology and our reality. And all beliefs are subjective, are not absolute truth but we sometimes innocently take them to be meaningful and TRUE.

What beliefs are you holding about yourself that seem to real and true but actually may not be? Even a sliver of doubt is enough to start cracking them.

If you’d like to break free of your limiting beliefs and perceptions, book a free call here with me today to explore working with me on one of my programmes xx

Here’s the link to the study if you’d like to take a look at it:





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