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Trusting Your Inner Compass (video four in a four-part series)


Video Four in Unlocking More Time and Ease in Your Life: A Four-Part Video Series

Welcome to the final instalment of my free four-part series, 'Unlocking More Time and Ease in Your Life'. In this series I explore major life areas that often consume our precious resources when we believe we must manage or control them.

Video Four: Trusting Your Inner Compass

In this culminating video, I delve into the heart of making decisions with confidence and peace. If you've ever found yourself paralysed by overthinking or weighing pros and cons until you're more confused than when you started, this video is just for you.

Here’s what I cover:

1.      What Usually Happens When We Try to Make a Decision: We start with exploring the familiar territory of decision-making – the overthinking, the endless lists of pros and cons, and the anxiety that often accompanies our attempts to choose the 'right' path. It's a cycle many of us know too well, but what if there was another way?


2.      Intuition vs. The Busy Mind: Within each of us lies an internal 'yes', or 'no'—an intuitive wisdom that knows what's best for us. But here's the catch: our minds love to think, debate, and question endlessly. In this section I give examples from my own life as to how wisdom shows up for me, to help you recognise this within yourself.


3.      Trusting Life's Intelligence: We are intrinsically connected to a larger intelligence – life itself. By recognizing that this intelligence flows through us, we begin to see how we can trust ourselves and the process of life more deeply. This understanding can transform how we view ourselves and our decisions.


4.      What If There Are No Wrong Decisions?: In perhaps the most liberating part of this exploration, I look at a powerful question: What if there are no wrong decisions? This idea challenges our deepest fears about making 'mistakes' and opens us up to a world of freedom to make decisions with ease, lightness and trust.


Why Watch?

Whether you're dealing with small daily choices or big life-changing decisions and are tired of feeling stressed, anxious, or paralysed when faced with decisions, ‘Trusting Your Inner Compass’ offers a new perspective.

This video isn't just about making decisions; it's about rediscovering your innate ability to navigate life with ease, trust, and confidence. It's about recognising that beneath the layers of doubt and analysis lies a compass always pointing towards your true north.

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