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Do you find yourself saying "I'm stressed; I'm a worrier; I have too much to do"?

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Almost every human being on earth experiences stress, worry and overwhelm. And as a consequence we can find ourselves frequently saying to others, “I am so stressed”, or “I guess I’m just a worrier” or “I have no time, and too much to do”.

Whilst we innocently say these things in our everyday language, what this points to is that we believe we ARE the experience we are having, we identify it as who we are. So if we feel stressed, we are a stressed person. Or if we find we worry a lot, we are an anxious person. Or we are easily overwhelmed.

However when we can see that the type of person we are is not dictated by the experiences we are currently having, we can find some separation…some distance between the current experience we have, and who we really are. In spite of what is flowing through our senses right now.

Stress, worry and overwhelm do not come from the outside events in our life, but from our thinking about those events, or people or circumstances. This is an important distinction. Yes we get to experience feelings of stress, worry and overwhelm but it isn’t who we are.

Thought, creating feeling, is transitory and moves all by itself, so we are never stuck in one experience or emotion.

During times when we aren’t feeling our best, or may be caught in a thought-storm about something, it is so beneficial to be able to see this:

· Feelings aren’t coming from the outside world but from within us, via thought in the moment.

· Thought in the moment changes all by itself, without us having to do a thing.

· What we think and experience isn’t who we are; we are the awareness that is able to observe all our experiences, emotions and reactions.

If you would like to explore how this understanding, of how life works, could help you in your life, please do get in touch. Either ask me a question here, private message me or email me to set up a free, no-obligation call. I am here to help you find your freedom, clarity and peace! xx




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