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Why feelings of low self-esteem, and insecurity looks like a problem to be fixed

When we feel insecure, or bad about ourselves, this can look like it's something that we need to sort out. We can innocently think that if we feel this way, it does in fact mean, that there is something 'wrong' with us that we have to address. In my own life this kind of belief led me down an endless self-help path of constantly trying to improve myself....which equalled more low self-esteem and feeling cr*p about myself.

In this video I discuss that to our minds, any negative feeling about ourselves can look like a 'threat' that needs to be dealt with. When we know this is a function of a mind helping to keep us alive (but not necessarily happy) it becomes easier to see these feelings for what they are - an experience passing through, rather than something meaningful about us.

If you struggle with low self-esteem or insecurity, check my coaching programmes which can help you with that. What if there is nothing wrong with you? You are not a problem to be solved.

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