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The past and the future don't exist; we are always in the NOW!

In this video, I’m diving into the transformative power of being present and living in the now and some of the struggles we can have with this. 🌟

Being fully present can seem like a daunting task, almost impossible at times, right? But what if I told you that while it might be challenging to be present all the time, we can find moments of true presence when we are aware of the mind's role in narrating our experience?

In this video, I’ll explore these concepts through a beautiful passage from the book 'Inward' by Yung Pueblo. 📖


- The struggle with staying present

- A powerful reading from Inward by Yung Pueblo

- Insights on letting go of past and future worries - Understanding that change is inherent in our experience

- Embracing the flow of life and realising how we are always in the present moment

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