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Ask Me Anything: struggling with low self-esteem

It seems pretty universal that we have some flavour of not-good-enough running through our minds, but what if we don't have to take this so seriously, as it has NOTHING to do with who we are?

Rob asks me a question about low self-esteem and how he has struggled with this his whole life. Listen in as I talk through a helpful metaphor, (that's why I'm pointing to the cup!) to explain where the experience of low self-esteem comes from, and how it hasn't got anything to do with who we really are.

We don't need to 'build' our self-esteem, or work at it in any way. We simply need to understand what's going on in our experience. It's always so much simpler than we think!

Please do share this with others who you know may be suffering with not feeling good enough. We all have some flavour of this, and we don't need to believe it or buy into it.


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