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Precarious parenting podcast interview with me.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Here is my interview on the Precarious Parenting podcast with my friend and colleague Marie Arymar about my experience during the initial stages of lockdown (click on the link here and scroll down to podcast 6).

This is a very honest and open interview where you'll hear me talking about:

- The initial intense anxiety I experienced and how this affected my parenting

- How 'what if-ing' is what minds like to do but why we can ignore this

- How I saw through what my mind was doing and the inner knowing that supported me during the anxious experience

- Why clarity is always there beneath the surface

- How physical symptoms of anxiety & stress are part of the intelligent design of our system, to wake us up to what is going on in our mind

- How overwhelmed, urgent thinking is actually a sign to slow down, not speed up

- Waiting for the mind to settle invariably leads to better decisions

- Being kind to yourself as a parent

- How the human design is built to adapt, change and grow.

Happy listening, and any comments do let me know.

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