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Could it be that our own self-evaluation and ‘improvement’ is what's making us unhappy?

When we focus the spotlight of our attention on the question 'How am I doing?' out of dissatisfaction with ourselves, it inevitably leads to suffering.

In this video, I delve into how the mind will continuously point out what needs to change for us to feel better about ourselves. However, the list of self-improvement never gets shorter, and the goalposts will only shift.

Fortunately, we are not our minds, and there is a deeper process in life that can bring about genuine change within us.

What if the key to happiness lies in simply taking the focus off ourselves and the question of 'how am I doing?'

In my new, free coaching group, the Change Catalyst Coaching Room, I explore this and other approaches to creating change in our lives. Join me every other Wednesday to discover a radically different approach to change, one that doesn't require struggle, effort, or force.

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