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People pleasing: Discover some surprising truths!

Many of us identify as a ‘people pleaser’ or struggle with saying no. We often believe that in order to be a ‘good person' we have to put other peoples needs before our own. This is incredibly common for us human folk!

Having been someone who has people pleased for much of my life, I’ve seen some things about this behaviour that mean it no longer makes sense to do it.

In this video I cover:

• Why our brains think people pleasing is vital and absolutely critical to our survival (but are in fact wrong!)

• Why we can never truly know what how other people will react, or what they are thinking

• Why we are only ever feeling our own reaction to what other people say and do; we are not feeling them directly (and so we don’t need to people please to avoid ‘their’ reaction)

• How we think putting others first is equal to us being a ‘good person’

• How the search for external validation is an endless one and ultimately isn’t where a true sense of our worth or self-esteem comes from.

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