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Anxiety and worry as a wake-up call.

Most of the time we believe that feelings of worry and anxiety are telling us what we should or shouldn't do in life.... for example, worry about a public speaking means I best not do it....worry about driving means I shouldn't drive, or if I'm nervous about attending an event, I best not go....We innocently misunderstand what the anxious feelings are really pointing us towards.

What if they are actually a wake-up call from our inner self that we are believing a revved up, busy mind? And it has nothing to do with what we should or shouldn't be doing in life?!

This is one of the misunderstandings about how we work as humans that I explore with my clients, so they can have freedom from anxiety and worry.

If you want freedom from anxiety, work with me in my specialised 1:1 coaching programme, Break Up With Anxiety.


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