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What is the Top 40 playing in your head?

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

I recently heard the brilliant Michael Neill ( using this metaphor. It made me laugh, thinking back to my teenage years when I used to be glued each Sunday to listening to the Top 40 on the radio (aarrgghh showing my age here!! )

Much as I used to be ‘glued’ to the Top 40 every Sunday, we can become ‘glued’ to listening to the same old repetitive thoughts, soundtracks and Top 40 of our own mind. Yours might go something like this:

“I’m too tired”

“I’m too old”

“There’s never enough money”

“Work is so full on”

“I have too much to do”

“There is never enough time”

“I must lose weight”

“I must exercise more/start exercising”

“Other people are better at X, Y Z than me”

“There’s no time for me”

“I must stop drinking/smoking/eating junk”

Almost all of us have this going on. And we usually have a top 10 favourite places our mind likes to go. In and of itself, this thinking isn’t a problem. However there is always another channel that we could tune into - the channel of new, fresh thought, or insight or wisdom. When we aren’t continually listening to our own top 40, we may notice a quieter space underneath all this. The space from which the universal energy, that is running the show, can speak to us.

We don’t have to replace the top 40 in our heads with positive thinking or affirmations. I find this just adds more noise to the system. We can simply gently notice we are in our intellect, and start to look towards the space within us that is BEFORE thought in the moment.

Much like the principal of gravity is always working in our lives, the principal of being connected to a greater intelligence than our own, is also always working for us. This capacity for insight and wisdom never leaves us, we are born with it, and we will die with it. Just knowing it is there can sometimes be enough for us to remember we are more than the Top 40 thoughts that run through our minds.

If you would like to explore how this understanding could help you to have a different relationship to the Top 40 playing in your head, please do get in touch. Either ask me a question here or email me. You can also book free, no-obligation call on my website: I am here to help you find your freedom! xx

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