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What does it mean to reach our 'full potential'?

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

There is a lot of focus and talk ‘out there’ about reaching our full ‘potential’. Most times when I read things about this, it feels like a massive pressure is being exerted to have a certain life…or really just to be uber-successful.

I wholeheartedly agree that being inspired by others, and having a vision for our lives can be a useful and positive experience.

But I find myself asking is there a more peaceful way to reach our full potential?

Currently it looks to me that we are ALL limitless potential in action. We are all made of the ONE divine energy that powers the whole universe, so of course, in this sense we are not limited in what we can achieve or create. It’s usually our crappy thinking about ourselves that limits us, not life itself.

However the flip side of this, is that social media and all that it entails can leave us feeling less than, or like we aren’t reaching our ‘full potential’ (or is that just me?!). This tends to clutter our minds with noisy thinking that simply blocks the flow.

Now, not all social media is bad, I’m not saying that! It can be a massive force for change in the world. But I am careful about what I believe to be true about my potential, and those I follow on social media.

When I get out of my head (literally and metaphorically) I can feel that ‘reaching our full potential’ is just a made up human thing. There is no set way that a successful life, or a life lived to full potential, looks like. The truth is, it will look different for all of us and will change over the course of our lives.

What if instead our full potential must be as we are in the moment, otherwise how we are in this moment would be different. What if it’s simply our egoic mind that would have us believe we should be doing differently in this very moment. I believe we can trust that the life-force energy (or God energy) that runs through all of us is guiding us in each and every moment to be our full potential right now. Even if it doesn’t ‘match up’ to our expectations.

Personally, I find a more peaceful way to be is this: from a quieter mind, allowing the natural creative energy of potential to guide my very next moment. This takes the striving, trying and efforting out of creating my life.

Lastly, I wonder, what if reaching our TRUE ‘full potential’ is really simply of being in a state of unconditional love??

Lindsey Elliott is a Wellbeing & Resilience Coach, energy healer and meditation teacher working in Brighton and online. She offers one to one coaching in a life-changing paradigm of understanding about how the human experience is created. With this understanding you can move from feeling insecure, stressed, anxious or unfulfilled to happy, secure, inspired, peaceful and filled with love.

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