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Thoughts are like tea bags!

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

I love the simplicity and ordinary-ness of this way of seeing how our thinking works.

We are led to believe that what we think has to be taken seriously, is TRUE and is to be believed…no matter the content. If I think it, it MUST be true!

In and of themselves, thoughts have no power. It’s only when we ‘give’ them power by paying attention to them, focusing on them and believing them that we may come unstuck.

Thought energy is meant to flow through us, not get stuck within us. Even when we try to ‘think’ positively, whilst this can mean a happier experience, it still gives thought more power than we need to. If we can see beyond the positive and negative of thoughts, and see that we are the space, or consciousness, within which they arise, this is where the juice is at. It is only when we ‘buy’ into a specific thought or set of thoughts that they start to impact our lives; if we don’t they pass on through and have no power.

When we aren’t invested in our thinking so much, I find we get to experience that deeper part of ourselves in a more tangible way – the part of us that is made of the same the innate intelligence or energy that powers the whole universe.

Next time you find yourself believing or ruminating on an unhelpful, negative or painful thought, maybe ask yourself: ‘Am I innocently adding the hot water to this tea bag?’ See if you can see that the thought has no substance other than what you giving it.

If you would like to explore how this understanding could help you to understand how you work, and so unlock your potential, please do get in touch. Either ask me a question here or private message me. You can also book free, no-obligation call on my website: I am here to help you find your freedom! xx

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