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Our consciousness is our most precious gift.

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

“Somewhere in the innermost recesses of our consciousness lie the answers to the questions all mankind seeks. As our consciousness descends, we lose our feelings of love and understanding, and experience a world of emptiness, bewilderment and despair.

As our consciousness ascends, we regain purity of Thought and, in turn, regain our feelings of love and understanding”. Sydney Banks The Missing Link.

Our consciousness is our most precious gift as it determines the reality we get to experience. It’s not that the physical world isn’t out there, but our perception or experience of it comes through our thought in the moment or consciousness. Thought brings feeling along with it for the ride to create our ‘experience’ of outside events.

We aren’t feeling life, we are feeling our thinking about life. 100% of the time.

Our experience of exactly the same thing in our lives can change moment to moment, depending on where our consciousness is at.

Let’s look at an example. My experience of my beautiful son who is 6 years old, varies from day to day. His behaviour doesn’t change much from one day to the next – he is full of energy, noisy, talks a lot, asks questions and generally is full of life flowing through him unencumbered. Some days I delight in this feast of unedited expression before my eyes, other days I feel such love for him and his innocence, and yet other days I am frustrated, irritated and annoyed by how full of energy he is!

Since learning about the 3 Principles understanding, I see clearly now that he doesn’t change, only my thinking about him in the moment changes. And that becomes my experience of him. I notice that when I feel frustrated by him, my own mind is usually very full of some kind of heavy thinking that is not related to him at all. In short, my consciousness has dropped.

Knowing this is how it works brings a sense of freedom for me as I no longer try to control or manipulate his behaviour because of how I feel. If I happen to be in irritated thinking about him, because I know it isn’t coming from him, but from within me, there is nothing I need to do about him or me. The experience of being frustrated with him is uncomfortable for me. I can prefer the experience of being filled with joy for him. However I also know that in time my level of consciousness will change, and there is nothing I need to do to fix it. The divine source of all life that powers our Thought in the moment will take care of that for me. As it does for us all.

Another example is our experience of our physical body. Now you may ask “I thought our health was our most precious gift?”. For sure a healthy body is a most wonderful gift. However the body can fail in numerous ways (accident, illness etc.) but it is possible for our perception or consciousness of what is occurring in the physical body to still be one of freedom. A cancer diagnosis for some people is a terrifying and painful experience that they remain ever fearful of. Yet others express that cancer became a great gift in their lives as they learnt so much from the experience, and were able to move towards inner peace - even when living within a sick body.

There is no right or wrong here, no blame in what your thinking is creating. But knowing how the human experience is created can remove a level of suffering when difficult events occur.

When we have a shift in consciousness or an insight about something that is presenting itself in our life, it can change that thing into something completely different. It is likely that our experience of anything in life will fluctuate, as does my experience of my little boy. Our thought in the moment powered by consciousness goes up and down and this, yes this, is the experience of life. We will have times in our life when our thinking makes us feel low and other thinking that makes us feel good.

There is nothing we need to do with this fluctuation. When we feel in a low state of consciousness we just need to wait. Knowing that inbuilt into our psychological/spiritual system is a self-correction mechanism. We can rely on this. It is always going to work for us.

When we are in a low state of consciousness there is nothing we need to do. Our wisdom may point us to something that will help. Such as a walk, meditation or a run or Netflix! But there is nothing that we must do. Because within us is the power for our consciousness to change. And change it will. This is part of the ‘human package’ that you get when you are born. It is the ‘job’ of divine mind (or universal intelligence, god, quantum field whatever word works for you) to change this for you. Phew, we can take this off our to-do list! And come to rely on a power much greater than ourselves.



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