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Ask Me Anything: Being hypervigilant for anxiety (or any other emotion)

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Sam sent in a great 'Ask Me Anything' question.

She asks: "I read recently about being hypervigilant for certain emotions. I see that I do this with anxiety. I have struggled for many years with anxiety and am scared to let myself feel anxious, and so I continually check in with how I am feeling. I sense that this isn't helpful but I feel really stuck with scanning for anxiety. Can you speak to this? Can you help?"

Listen in for my answer and some helpful pointers about not wanting to feel certain emotions. We all have one or two emotions that we don't like to feel, or are afraid to feel. For you it might not be anxiety but might be anger or depression. But what if what we think certain emotions mean, isn't true, and all emotions are the same? Listen in to find out more.


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