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Self-improvement, goals and insecurity.

When we tie our self-esteem to our achievements, actions, or goals, we're walking on fragile ground. We have to keep striving to meet these goals and improve ourselves, which can leave us feeling like we're never good enough. The mind keeps setting new targets for us to achieve in order to feel okay, but we can end up feeling trapped in this cycle.

But what if our sense of self-esteem and security doesn't have to come from external factors? What if we could shift our perspective and find a more stable source of validation? Or even that validation from the outside isn’t necessary.

If we can see this possibility, we can approach our goals and life in a more playful and light-hearted way, free from the burden of constantly striving to meet some ideal. We can create a win-win situation for ourselves, where we feel good about who we are regardless of external circumstances.

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