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Ask Me Anything: I dread becoming unwell and being unable to look after my kids

Susan has been grappling with persistent worries about her health for quite some time. However, these concerns have now escalated to a point where she dreads falling ill and constantly monitors herself for symptoms. She experiences overwhelming anxiety, fearing that she won't be able to care for her children, and has even started avoiding crowded places in fear of becoming sick. Susan has reached out to me to help her see this differently.

Listen in as I discuss:

• Our health is undeniably a significant topic that preoccupies our minds, but we can decide whether or not to give it excessive attention.

• How it makes sense to check for symptoms IF we have some control over whether we get ill, or over how ill we might become

• How our minds tend to gravitate towards catastrophic thinking, envisioning worst-case scenarios.

• Rather than relying solely on our worried and overactive minds, there are alternative sources of guidance we can trust when it comes to our health and navigating illness.

If you find yourself struggling with health anxiety or persistent worries about your health, are constantly preoccupied with your health, or feeling compelled to adhere to strict rules, I invite you to explore my upcoming coaching program, 'Health Anxiety Freedom.'

This program is specifically designed to provide guidance and support for individuals seeking to overcome health-related anxieties and regain control over their lives. I'm running this programme with a fellow coach Becca Gardner. The details and registration link are here.

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