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Ask Me Anything: Anxiety about dying young and leaving my children

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

In this 'Ask Me Anything' question, Jane asks:

"I have two young children and am terrified that I will die young and this would be such a big trauma in their lives. What if this happens and they can't cope? How would this impact the rest of their lives? I feel stuck with this and am worried and obsessed about my own health so I don't become ill. It feels so scary and miserable."

Listen in as I point to nature of how our minds work, how they are trying to keep us safe but in a misguided, innocent way. What if we can safely ignore all that 'what if' thinking that our mind loves to do? Listen in as I explore this, and so much more, that I hope is helpful for all those worried parents (or any human being) out there.


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