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Coming to terms with disappointment -Changeable Podcast with Dr Amy Johnson

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Changeable podcast is such a fantastic resource to support change, and seeing life in a whole new way. I was delighted to be a special guest discussing coming to terms with challenging life events.

In this podcast episode you will hear me talk about my divorce and fertility issues and how I have come to terms with these in very different ways. In fact, as you listen you will hear that it wasn't 'up to me' to come to terms with either of them - life does that for us.

Amy and I had such a rich discussion around this, and I hope that if you are struggling to come to terms with something, or are experiencing disappointment, that you hear something helpful and hopeful in this conversation. You can listen here on Amy's website or on any of the places you listen to podcasts - simply search Changeable podcast and it's episode 220.

If you feel you need more personal support in this area and would like to explore working on a coaching programme with me, check out my personal coaching page here or book a free exploration call with me here. With love Lindsey x


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