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A natural remedy for anxiety

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

When we struggle with feeling anxious this can lead us to feel lost, desperate to change how we feel, and to seek a remedy or cure for anxiety. In this article I will cover briefly what anxiety is, and what the majority of natural anxiety cures or remedies suggest. But most importantly I will point to a fresh, new understanding of anxiety and how to gain relief from it. This understanding points to a root-cause explanation of anxiety, rather than a short-term cure or remedy to heal anxiety. And what’s more this understanding is completely natural and free!

Here's the link to the full article which I wrote for Dr Amy Johnson's website.

Lindsey Elliott is a certified Change Coach, and Three Principles practitioner working in Brighton and online who specialises in anxiety, worry and stress. She offers one to one and group coaching in a life-changing new paradigm of understanding how human beings work. With this understanding you can move from feeling insecure, stressed, anxious or unfulfilled to happy, secure, inspired, peaceful and filled with love.

If you would like to explore working with Lindsey you can book a free call here.


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