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What 'Mission Impossible: The Fallout' (or any movie!) can show you about how life works

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Recently my husband and and I had a rare date night, while family looked after our 5 year old son. We went to see ‘Mission Impossible: The Fallout’ at the cinema. During the movie I had a very clear insight (or new, fresh thought) which brought home to me a new paradigm I have been exploring, about how the human experience works.

During the movie, which I was totally engrossed in (and loving!) I asked my husband if the motorbike chase through Paris was filmed for real or as CGI. He said “It’s CGI” and I thought “Oh it’s all done on a computer!”.

This made me realise how our experience of ‘reality’ is like a movie too. Our minds are not like cameras, taking a ‘snapshot’ of life, informing us objectively what is happening in our lives. The mind is more like a movie projector.

Once I saw that the amazing action was all CGI I still wanted to be involved in the movie - fully engrossed, engaged with the experience and illusion. We don’t want to go the cinema and think “This is all made up, not real”. We want to immerse ourselves in it and enjoy our experience.

And so it is with life. We want to experience life in all its glory, pain, pleasure, love, loss, fear and joy. Because it’s all safe, all temporary, all coming from the bigger Divine Mind to us, via Thought. And our own CGI department (consciousness) brings it all to life for us. This is how our experience works, 100% of the time.

Simple Principles or Truths about how the human experience works are always at play for us.

Here’s how it works:

  • We are thinking beings. Thought energy is always flowing through us, bringing feeling with it. It’s not what we think that is important, but that we think. There is a constant stream of thoughts passing through us, constantly changing and flowing, like a river. And we believe this to be our reality. It’s the film reel in the projector metaphor.

  • Our consciousness is like the special effects department that brings our thinking to life, and would have us believe what we are thinking is real, objective truth. It’s the bells and whistles, lights, sounds, smells, emotions that make our experience of life appear real. It’s the CGI effect, or the light that passes through the ‘film’ of thought that brings it to life onto the screen of our life.

  • Divine Mind or Universal energy is the electricity that powers the movie (and powers all of life). This energy is always running through us, it is who we are, what we are made of. It is the source of all Thought, and brings us new, fresh thinking that can change our experience of life.

  • In short, we innocently live in a movie of our own making.

Let’s look at a real-life example to illustrate this.

Imagine (as I’m sure we all can) someone cuts in front of you in traffic. Different people react to this in different ways, with different thoughts that pass through. Whilst most of us may react with anger “How could they?” or “How rude!” and we might sound the horn, someone else might not think much at all, or might think “They may be having a bad day to be driving like that” or “Maybe they are in a rush to something really urgent”. At the same time as the thought appearing, we’ll also have an accompanying feeling of anger, frustration or compassion, depending on the thought we have experienced about the event.

And we are also capable of having a different reaction to the same event, depending on our own thought-driven mood. So in a low mood (read ‘lots of busy or stressful thinking’) we may react with “How could they?” and the accompanying anger. Or in a happier mood (read ‘not a lot on your mind’) we might think “Hope they are OK, they must be in a rush”. We aren’t in control of what we think, just our relationship to it.

So when life is challenging it can be helpful to take a mental step back and remember that we aren’t experiencing our life objectively, but our thinking in the moment about what is occurring in our lives. And if we don’t get too caught up in our thinking, new fresh thought will come down the river, bringing with it a new perspective of our life. When we truly understand this at a deep level, or even if we only get a glimpse, I believe this is life-changing.

Thank you for reading. If you are interested in exploring more about this paradigm of how life works please sign up to my mailing list via the Finding Peace Insights button on my website I offer coaching in this life-changing understanding. Please contact me for more information on how we could work together.


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