“Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one.”  Astrid Alauda



I am not currently running a regular Nia class. However I do offer one-off Nia workshops and events. The best way to keep informed of any new events is to sign up to my mailing list. Thank you!

Nia gives people the opportunity to explore their body and the way it moves, while achieving the many benefits listed below. It is about developing fitness through the sensation of joy and pleasure rather than effort and pain. With regular practice Nia can be life transforming for the body, mind and spirit.


During a class I lead you through a routine. However you are encouraged to move in YOUR way and in YOUR natural time, while experiencing the great energy that comes from a community feeling in the class environment.


Nia balances technical precision with opportunity for free and personalised expression. Nia is non-impact, taught at three different levels of intensity so you can personalise the workout to suit YOUR body.


Nia is practised barefoot in loose, comfortable clothing. Nia helps achieve physical, emotional and spiritual health. 


Nia offers many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits, including:

  • Cardiovascular fitness

  • Increased strength, agility and flexibility

  • Increased energy

  • Stress reduction

  • Postural alignment

  • Weight management

  • Greater sense of physical and emotional wellbeing

  • Improved muscle tone

  • A stronger connection to body awareness and self-awareness

  • Increased balance and range of motion

  • Improvement in breathing

  • Improved joint mobility

  • Increased confidence and creativity

  • Mind-body-spirit integration

  • Emotional release

"Discovering this fantastic form of exercise has been eye-opening, liberating and enriching. It makes me feel great inside and out. I feel more in tune with what my body needs, and what it can do, since starting Nia. I'm already seeing the physical benefits, and I can feel the emotional benefits after each class. Lindsey is a natural dancer and teacher - I know I'm in safe hands. I'm recommending it to everyone." Rosie, Brighton

"Lindsey's instructions are clear and easy to follow. This is the most fun exercise I've ever done!"

Sophia, Brighton

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My aim during a Nia class experience is to create a space where people can get fit, release stress, have fun, express their emotions and experience the simple but powerful principle of the Joy of Movement. As the teacher I feel I am there to guide you through the routine, while encouraging you to find a way to move that feels pleasing to your body, mind and Soul. Connecting together as “community” in a class is also an important aspect of the Nia experience I wish to create. A key principle for Nia teachers is called Teaching What You Sense, where we are guided by the sensations in our bodies. By inviting the class to also sense and feel their own body experience, the experience becomes authentic and rooted in the present moment.


From my own personal perspective, I love Nia because it enabled me to “come home” to my body, in a way that no other fitness form has done. Every time I experience Nia, I feel the “Nia Buzz” and exhilaration of moving My Body, the way it wants to (and is designed to) move. It has changed my relationship with my body significantly. I have also seen numerous physical benefits with Nia, and this is something I know will continue every time I practice Nia. I have yet to engage with Nia and not feel better for it, whatever my mood is, or what is going on in my life! I also love that I sweat more than in most gym classes I have been to, and feel I have had a complete body and mind workout. However, the difference with Nia is that I have experienced only pleasure, and no pain, in getting these results.


Everyone who regularly practises Nia will have different reasons why they love it - come and find out yours!   


I look forward to dancing with you!

"I absolutely love the feeling of freedom and release that I get from Nia. Before I started coming to classes I was worried that I would feel inhibited or self-conscious but I found that I quickly stopped worrying about everyone else and just concentrated on how my body was feeling. Nia has been a great discovery. I love the feeling that I have worked every part of my body!" Sharon, Brighton

"I enjoy Nia because of the feeling of letting go, being myself, the freedom to move and know I am creating health and energy for myself. I feel I can explore my movements without judgement. The most important part is I love it. I am 50 years old, very young at heart and love to dance. I really enjoy the funkiness of the dance as well as the energy moves. Lindsey makes people feel good. She is inspiring with no ego, and is there to enjoy and have fun with it al" Mandy, Brighton