“Many people mistakenly believe that circumstances make a person. They don’t. Instead, they reveal him or her. Our circumstances don’t define us; they represent our unique curriculum – our tests, challenges, and opportunities for personal growth, acceptance and detachment. Our success as a human being does not lie in our collections of possessions or accomplishments. It does not lie in the details of our predicament, but in how we deal with what we have and how we face our challenges, how we transform our unique curriculum into growth and into a life filled with love.”  

Dr. Wayne Dyer



I believe that everybody deserves to live their lives with more joy, freedom, abundance, love and peace. Often how we view life prevents us from realising our innate health, resilience, wellbeing and peace of mind.


I am passionate about supporting people in connecting more fully to their Souls, or deeper Self – to me this feels like coming home to yourself. My aim is guide you towards finding inner peace, and releasing all that is holding you back from accomplishing your potential in life.


I create a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for you to openly explore any issues (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) that may be preventing you from living your fullest life. I wish to help you to identify and clear core beliefs, facilitating transformational life changes. I practice a heart-based, yet grounded approach.


Each consultation is tailored to you and your individual needs. My intention is to empower my clients, sharing understanding to help them change their lives for the better. 

​Whether you come to see me for coaching, energy healing or to take part in a group programme, my heartfelt desire is to be of service by empowering you to experience profound changes in your life.


Through our work together, you may come to know more love, joy, peace and good health than you thought possible.