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"Thought is not reality; yet it is through Thought that our realities are created."
~ Sydney Banks


Health Anxiety Freedom: 4-week coaching programme
With Becca Gardner & Lindsey Elliott

Are you tired of constantly worrying about your health or your loved ones' health?

Do you find yourself searching for symptoms online, only to be convinced that you have a serious illness?


If you're struggling with health anxiety our 4-week coaching programme can help.


Our programme provides a fresh perspective on health anxiety so that you can:

  • Break free from the cycle of worry

  • Let go of exhausting behaviours like excessive Googling and doctor visits

  • Start living your life without being held back by health concerns.


By the end of the programme, you'll experience a newfound sense of ease and confidence around your health that you may not have felt in years.


If you've tried other methods and techniques without success, our programme offers a simple understanding of health anxiety that frees you from its grip.


Join us and take the first step towards finding freedom from health anxiety.

Overview of what we’ll covered in this course:


  • Definition, experience, and common symptoms of health anxiety

  • The evolutionary purpose of anxiety and the role of the brain in anxious thinking

  • What health anxiety is and isn't telling us. Why we can 'ignore' our 'what if' thinking

  • How resilience is an inbuilt quality within everyone (including you!)

  • How we all have guidance inside, which is much more reliable than our anxious thinking


What’s included


  • Four 60-minute group coaching sessions.  The group is designed to be interactive with a blend of teaching, coaching and support

  • Recordings of all sessions so you can download and rewatch (access for 6 months)

  • Personalised resourced emailed to you each week, according to the group needs



Dates and cost:


All webinars are held online via Zoom 1-2pm GMT (2pm CET; 8am EST; 5am PST; 7am CST)


On: Tuesday 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th June 2023


Cost: £99.00 (Early bird £79 until 29th May 2023)

Who are we?


We understand the impact that health anxiety can have because we've been through it ourselves. Our coaching program is unique because we don't just teach from our training, but also from our personal experience with health anxiety. 


We know what it's like to live with the constant fear and worry of health anxiety, but we're proof that it's possible to overcome it. We want to share our personal journey with you and provide you with the support and guidance you need to experience freedom from health anxiety.


Our program is designed to help you regain your peace of mind. With our personal experience and professional expertise, we're here to help you every step of the way.

Becca Gardner

Becca is a Change Coach with a passion for helping people achieve freedom from anxiety, habits, and phobias. Her approach to mental health is rooted in a fresh perspective that leads to deep transformation without relying on willpower.


Trained by the renowned Dr Amy Johnson, Ph.D., in the Little School of Big Change, Becca runs her online and face-to-face practice in the Cotswolds, where she supports clients from all over the world. Becca's personal journey with mental health has fuelled her commitment to helping others find lasting change through this fresh and empowering approach.

You can visit Becca's website here

Lindsey Elliott

Lindsey Elliott is the owner and founder of Lindsey Elliott Coaching based online and in Brighton, UK. She is a former worried and anxious, self-help seeker, who now knows she is always OK (and that you are too).

Lindsey has a BSc Hons degree in Psychology, and has over 15 years' experience working therapeutically with people. Lindsey now works as both a Certified Change coach, specialising in anxiety, stress and overwhelm, and as a wellbeing consultant who has partnered with private companies, local council and the NHS.

Health Anxiety Freedom: 4-Week Coaching Programme
Health Anxiety Freedom: 4-Week Coaching Programme
Multiple Dates
06 Jun 2023, 13:00 BST
Online webinars via Zoom

I offer online courses on topics such as stress, anxiety, health, parenting & self-esteem. 


Learning in a group setting can be a wonderful way to spark your own insights and realisations. As we see others change, our own growth is affected positively too. So often when we learn with others, and see someone else being coached, we are able to 'hear' more for ourselves. Seeing that we all experience similar issues, misunderstandings and challenges can support us to know we are never alone. 

Please sign up to my mailing list to be kept informed of the next course I am running. 


"I cannot recommend Lindsey enough... she coached me and gently guided me through some very difficult times with a gentle, kind heart and a very wise head...I felt held, safe and extremely cared for! Words actually fail me to adequately express the magic that Lindsey brings to her sessions. One very special lady."

Leah, London

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