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Getting to the heart of parenting - are you the family warrior or worrier?

In this programme of six webinar sessions, run fortnightly, we invite you to join us to explore a gentler view of parenting without so much worry. We will look at how our minds work and how we can end up in a cycle of worry. When we see this for ourselves with clarity, we can break the worry cycle.
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Getting to the heart of parenting - are you the family warrior or worrier?

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14 Jan, 20:00 – 21:30
Plus 5 more dates ( see below)

About the Event

Are you the worrier in your family?

Do you feel caught in a cycle of worrying about the future, your children, the planet …?

Do you feel the burden of worry is a heavy load?

Firstly, why learn with us:

Lindsey and Marie are a parent and step-parent, respectively. We have both struggled with anxiety and low-level stress, which has felt like a heavy load holding us back at times. Now, we can spot these feelings as they start to bubble up, enabling us to drop away into an easier state of mind. We want to share what we have found so helpful in our lives, to offer these same feelings of freedom to other parents.

We share an Inside Out view of life in our work, guiding us to an understanding of who we really are. The Inside Out understanding is a description of the human experience; not a prescription of strategies and tools to ‘fix’ us. When we take this understanding on board, parenting becomes a smoother journey; we can see for ourselves the confusion, assumptions and emotions that can feel like a trap; we experience greater clarity. This understanding points us in a direction that sets us free from expectation, judgements and worries. We can tap into our potential more fully. We become a warrior not a worrier.

About this programme:

In this series of six webinar sessions, being run fortnightly, we invite you to join us to explore a gentler view of parenting without so much worry. We will look at how our minds work and how we can end up in a cycle of worry. When we can see this for ourselves with clarity, we can break the worry cycle.

Each session will include some teaching points, as well as time for discussion, questions and an opportunity to receive ‘in-group’ coaching.

We will be covering topics such as:

· What is worry and anxiety?

· Worry about the future and our kids’ future;

· The perceived role of the worrier in the family, and how to let this go;

· Understanding the difference between overload v overwhelm, and how this can affect us;

· Dealing with confrontation: who’s right and who’s wrong – does it even matter?

· The way forward.

This second Getting to the heart of parenting: Are you the family worrier? programme will be a safe and non-judgmental space for us to explore the worry that can often feel all consuming. Together, we will challenge the belief that anxiety and worry is inherently part of being a parent.

Results from this programme include:

· Worry less, stress less;

· Experience worry and anxiety with less buying into it;

· Break the worry cycle;

· Notice our children begin to worry less;

· More peace of mind;

· Easier relationships;

· Parenting from a clearer mind.

We are using the online meeting platform, Zoom, for each webinar session. Each session will be recorded and you will receive a link to each recording so you can watch them again, if you wish.

Dates & prices:

This programme consists of six webinars held fortnightly on Thursdays at 8.00-9.30pm GMT.

14th January, 28th January, 11th February, 25th February, 11th March and 25th March 2021.

You will receive:

· A short, warm-up pre-webinar video before each session;

· Weekly links to useful resources;

· Activities in between sessions to help with reflection;

· Six interactive webinar sessions;

· A short guided meditation recording;

· Access to 1:1 coaching at a discounted rate for this three-month period of January to March 2021.

Cost: £120.00 per person

This cost can be split into two payments, please email to arrange:



"In the complex world of parenting it was wonderful to have a well-structured, safe and supportive space in which to reflect on our experiences. I liked the way Lindsey and Marie facilitated a place of sharing, where everyone was listened to and given space to be heard. They skilfully directed our attention away from the content of our stories to look to where are experiences are actually coming from, how our perceptions are formed and how the practical implications of this understanding can transform not just our parenting but our entire experience of life."

Beth, Bristol. Previous participant of Getting to the Heart of Parenting series.

“The feelings that my upbringing, my separation, my role as mum of 3, my friendships, loved and lost, DEFINED me. It made me sad. And low. And desperate and heavy. It wasn’t until I started my 3- month programme with Marie that I realised that it wasn’t any of these ‘outside’ experiences that defined me. Only my internal thoughts about these experiences. That was what was controlling me. And keeping me prisoner. My son refusing school. My boy who I had such high hopes for, crippled by anxiety, unable to attend school and barely able to leave my side. All this weight and slog could be lifted by a new way of thinking! I’m 10 tonnes lighter, I sparkle and shine, I can’t predict the future, but I can see it now, and it’s bright.”

Kirsty, Devon

“From our very first session Lindsey seemed to pick up on my tendency to pathologise my own emotions and began working to help me separate my sense of self, of fundamental being, from the flow of thoughts that pass through my conscious mind. Taking the time to do this work has been revelatory and Lindsey has really helped me to carry my thinking more lightly, and to view myself as fundamentally whole and resilient, rather than as ‘depressed’ or ‘weak’ or ‘anxious’. Throughout our sessions I always felt that Lindsey was guiding me to my own understanding rather than telling me what to think and I really appreciated this un-prescriptive approach. I’d recommend Lindsey’s practice to anyone trying to work through anxious thinking. Thanks for all your help Lindsey!”

Becks, London

Bio Lindsey

Lindsey Elliott has over 13 years’ experience working with people and in groups. She has a BSc Hons degree in Psychology, and now works as a transformational coach, specialising in anxiety, stress and overwhelm. Lindsey is mum to her 7-year-old son. 

Bio Marie

Marie Arymar is a self-published author, podcaster and clarity coach, working with parents and young people. As well as private clients, she also supports schools and organisations with individuals or group work. She also works with Young Devon, a local charity, supporting young people. Marie is step-mum to two lads in their mid-20s. Maries website is:

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