"Vibrant health is within our hands; it comes from the inside-out. Accessing our natural healing capacity is simpler than we think."

~ Lindsey Elliott




Do you feel confused about the conflicting nutrition advice you hear?

Would you like to know what to eat for good health, and how to look after your body in the best way? Are you feeling powerless and anxious in the face of the current covid-19 pandemic?

Do you catch every cold and cough going? Then this course is for you!

Supporting our immune system is one of the most important things we can focus on for good health and longevity. During this time of a global pandemic, this is even more important. Covid-19 is likely to be with us for some time yet. Guidance on how to look after our own health and immunity is somewhat lacking in the public health space. But knowledge is power! Along with all the government recommendations on social distancing, wearing a mask and hand washing, supporting our physical, emotional and mental health is the very best thing we can focus on right now.  


Join me for this 5 week transformational programme covering all aspects of immune health. Supporting the immune system is not just about what you eat, but also about how you move, sleep, manage stress and emotions, rest, and breathe.


The immune system is incredibly complex. However in this programme we will cut through the complexity to make this easy to understand. Understanding alone isn’t enough – being able to actually implement changes in your diet and lifestyle is key. therefore to help our 5 weeks together to be transformational this programme includes exploring the psychology of change, as well as weekly practical changes for you to start playing with over the course of our 5 weeks together.

You will learn:

  • Which foods to eat more of, and which to reduce, in order to best support the immune system, and how to tailor this to your life. I’ll give you the tips and tricks I use as a busy working mum to make health eating and lifestyle changes as easy as possible.

  • The influence of gut health on immunity; fermented foods and how to eat to support your gut.

  • How stress affects the immune system and the importance of stress management for immune vibrancy, including easy practices to incorporate into your life. We'll explore a fresh perspective on stress and where it really comes from, that may have an immediate impact on how stressed you feel. 

  • A set of 4 breathing practices that help reduce stress, clear your energy and balance the body.

  • Understanding the psychology of behaviour change so you can create new habits with less struggle and willpower. We'll also look at what to do when you feel resistance to creating a healthy lifestyle.

  • How to move, sleep, rest, and play to nourish the immune system. There is also a section on the daily ultradian biological rhythm we all have, and how we can harness this for our best health.

  • Nutrition extras – a look at supplements, superfoods, powders, herbals and aromatherapy for immune health.

  • Gain experience in meditating each week and feel the healing benefits of this practice.


Practical bits:

  • Each session will be held via Zoom meeting and will be 75 to 90 minutes long

  • Each week there will be a presentation of the topic, and time for Q&A 

  • Each session will finish with a guided healing meditation to help release stress and tension from the nervous system and support the immune system

  • Suggested weekly lifestyle changes to play with over the week

Here’s the part where I talk about all the amazing BONUSES that are included which are worth £1000s to entice you in!!  No, I’m not going to do that….in fact these are just extra resources I am including because they will support you in making changes to your immune health, lifestyle and wellbeing.

Along with the 5 weekly live group sessions, you’ll receive:

  • Recording of a guided meditation to release stress and boost immune health.

  • Recipes to support your immune system  - smoothies, lunch, dinner and snacks.

  • Video recording of the breathing techniques we will be exploring.

  • Recordings of all sessions so that you can watch them again, or if you can't attend one of the live sessions.

  • PDF copy of course notes. 

  • Group messaging platform (via Signal) so that you can stay accountable to the weekly lifestyle changes, and ask me quick questions (involvement in this is optional).

  • Option to add on a transformational one to one coaching session with me to support your personal change and growth. This is limited to 6 spaces only. 



Programme dates:

The live webinars for this programme are on Thursday evenings at 7pm (UK time) on the following dates.

All sessions will be recorded:

  • Thursday 12th November 2020

  • Thursday 19th November 2020

  • Thursday 26th November 2020

  • Thursday 3rd December 2020

  • Thursday 10th December 2020



The full price for this programme is £167. But yes, there is an early bird discount: just £97 if you sign up before 3rd November 2020.

Add on a one to one transformational coaching session: if there is any aspect of your health, wellbeing, life or work that you would like some personalised support with, you can add on a 90 minute coaching session with me at a 50% discount £75 (normal price £150). This is limited to 6 spaces only so book soon if you wish to take this option. I usually only work with clients for a minimum of 3 months so this is a great opportunity to get some time with me to pick my brains and implement change in your life.

Total cost of group programme and 90 minute one to one session: £172 (the one to one session must be used within the 5 weeks that the programme is running).

About Lindsey

Lindsey has over 15 years experience in the health and wellness field. She is a fully trained nutritional therapist (DipION), transformational coach (Three principles), energy healer (Ignite Your Sprit therapist) and meditation teacher. She lives in Brighton with her husband and son, and works online with clients all over the UK.


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"The healings I have received from the incredible Lindsey/Dana Lakshmi are like no other I have received before. Dana Lakshmi is extremely intuitive as well as professional, warm and inspiring. To say I adore this beautiful healer and her techniques is an understatement. I am always recommending her! I am blessed to have met this wonderful soul." Sophia, Brighton