What is all the fuss about wheatgrass and barleygrass??

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Wheatgrass and barley grass are cereal grasses which are chlorophyll rich ‘super-foods’ providing an abundance of nutrients. For example, wheat grass contains approximately 90 minerals of the 102 found in rich soil. The therapeutic properties of wheat and barley grass are virtually identical. They are best harvested and used whilst they are young as they are richer in nutrients than their “adult” counterparts. If you are gluten free you can still enjoy the juice of both of these plants.

Some of the nutrition and health benefits of these grasses are:

- BLOOD SUGAR CONTROL - The easily assimilated amino acids and trace minerals contained in cereal grasses help maintain blood glucose levels. These green foods may also help reduce cravings, thereby aiding weight loss and may reduce insulin requirements.

- ANTI-OXIDANT - Cereal grasses offer a powerful protective effect on cellular ageing and aid immune function. In addition to a wide variety of nutrients, also present is the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD). This slows cellular deterioration and mutation, and is therefore useful in the treatment of degenerative disease and in the reversal of ageing.

- DETOXIFIER AND DIGESTIVE AID - Chlorophyll, the green pigment found in green foods, increases peristaltic action thus relieving constipation and may normalise the secretion of digestive acids. Cereal grasses also contain digestive enzymes. The chlorophyll-rich alkaline effects of cereal grasses and other green foods help overcome cases of hyperacidity and may control the growth of unwanted micro-organisms in the gut.

- ANTI-INFLAMMATORY - Cereal grasses offer a potent combination of nutrients that may help overcome inflammation. Their alkalizing effect on the body helps with this.

- SUPERFOOD - Cereal grasses are classic 'super-foods' containing an abundance of nutrients including a complete amino acid profile, carbohydrates (glycogen), vitamins, minerals (including trace elements), fibre, protective plant pigments such as chlorophyll and carotenoids.

- BLOOD TONIC - The high chlorophyll content of cereal grasses makes them a useful blood tonic/builder. Chlorophyll is almost identical to hemoglobin except for the central core being magnesium, rather than iron in hemoglobin.

Potential Uses

These cereal grasses would make a fantastic addition to anyone’s diet, for general health and well being. However if you suffer from any of the following conditions, the juice of these grasses may be beneficial:

· Inflammation

· Arthritis

· Low energy

· Overweight

· Body odour & bad breath

· Hyper/hypoglycemic conditions

· Anemia

· Liver detoxification

· Ulcers

· Pancreatitis

· Allergies

· Heavy metal poisoning

· Hair/skin/nails conditions

How To Use

Wheatgrass and barley grass are both best juiced from freshly cut grass. You can either grow your own (very easy to do) or buy it freshly grown but not cut (Aconbury Sprouts sell this).

You need a wheatgrass juicer (either electric or handheld) which is specially designed to extract the juice from the grass but without destroying its valuable nutrients. It is important to drink the juice as soon as you have juiced the grass, as it starts to denature and lose nutrients within about 30 minutes. Ideally drink on an empty stomach.

Less potent, but still useful, are supplements of the grasses which come in powder form, or tablet form. Simply add a teaspoon of each per day to your juice, smoothie or a glass of water.

You can now buy online wheatgrass and barleygrass juice which is delivered to you frozen and you defrost as you need (for example Aconbury Sprouts). This will not be as nutritious as juicing it yourself, but will have more nutrients than powder or tablet forms.

My ethos is: if you have time to juice the fresh grass this is most definitely best. However using a powder is better than not using it at all!

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