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Thoughts are the guests in the house of our mind.

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

"Thoughts are the guests in our mind but we don't have to sit down and have a cup of tea with them!"

In a coaching session this morning with a client we talked about this. He is experiencing some resistant type thinking about dealing with some financial issues. We discussed that in any given day we have 1000's of thoughts passing through our mind. Most of them don’t register, and they pass on through with no problem. However when my client experiences these resistant type thoughts, he pays them attention, believes them to be true and generally adds more thinking to them. And so he feels stuck. In this way these thoughts become his reality of the financial issue he needs to address.

When he can see these thoughts as merely guests in his house, and sees that he doesn’t need to entertain them, drink tea with them and generally pay attention to them, the space that is left will be his common sense (or wisdom) which will direct him to the exact thing he needs to do, or deal with next. When resistant thoughts are not seen as commands or as true, a space of calm action can be felt. The ‘realty’ of “this is too hard” or “I don’t want to deal with this” disappears and we can see that what appeared to be a problem was in fact only held by a thought in the mind we believed to be true.

These thoughts may still continue to be guests in my clients mind but as his knowing deepens of how our experience is created, they will cease to look so real or urgent or true. Of course this same process applies to all thoughts that pass into our minds. When we wake up to how our experience is created we get to see Thought as energy that can pass through us, and we don’t need to add more judgement about what we are experiencing in the moment to this.

Lindsey Elliott is a Wellbeing & Resilience Coach and energy healer, working in Brighton and online. She offers one to one coaching in a life-changing paradigm of understanding about how the human experience is created. With this understanding you can move from feeling insecure, stressed, anxious or unfulfilled to happy, secure, inspired, peaceful and filled with love.

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