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Guest episode on 'Inner Peace and Other Cool Sh*t' podcast

I had a blast recording a podcast episode with the truly delightful, and oh-so-fun and wise @siobhanfriel.

In the episode we explored: ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣


➡️ How seeing the nature of thoughts and feelings transforms anxiety and stress ⁣⁣

➡️ How anyone can start to see this for themselves (with specific examples) ⁣⁣

➡️ The incredible guidance system we have in the moment⁣⁣

➡️ and so many other topics like health anxiety, procrastination and happiness ⁣⁣

There's a bit of swearing don't listen if you are easily offended 😂

You can listen to the podcast anywhere you usually do, simply search 'Inner Peace and Other Cool Shit'. I'm on episode 49. Or you can use the link here.

I HIGHLY recommend Siobhan's podcast (and all her work). She is incredibly relatable, and is able to provide such helpful and insightful new ways of being in life in a really unique way. She's a lovely human and I think you'll enjoy her vibe. The link to her website is here.

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