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All addiction works the same way- part one

If we believe that our addiction, or habit, is ‘worse’ than other people it can lead to us to feel isolated, separate and lonely…which only tends to worsen the addiction itself. The mechanism of addiction is the same for all of us, regardless of what our chosen substance or behaviour is. So, in this video I explain in simple terms the cycle of addiction, from the vantage point of feelings and behaviour.

I also speak about the ‘innocence’ of addiction, and how the brain is driving it…it’s much less personal than we believe, even though it feels like it’s definitely all about us.

In part 2 of this video I talk about why this means that the way out of, or solution, to any addiction is exactly the same as well, regardless of what we are addicted to. This has nothing to do with willpower, brute force or white knuckling it.

It is much simpler than we believe it to be…maybe not easy but it is simple.

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