“Personal evolution – forming a self that is powerful enough to be “in the world, but not of the world”, a self that can enjoy the magnificence of the physical world without allowing the world’s many illusions to deplete it’s Soul.” Caroline Myss



Ignite Your Spirit (IYS) therapy is a life-changing energy healing modality which can be applied to any area of your life. 


We start from the view that everything is energy: thoughts, emotions, money, events and people. If you have tried unsuccessfully in the past to give up negative behaviours and patterns, it’s likely that old, stuck energy is holding those patterns in place. Release the energy and propel your life forward. 


IYS therapy encompasses many types of healing including:


  • Chakra clearing and balancing

  • Healing our thoughts and beliefs

  • Healing physical body issues

  • Relationship healing

  • Healing depression, anxiety and phobias

  • Healing addictions

  • Finding and connecting to your life purpose

  • Business healings and financial issues

  • Past life healing and releasing old traumas

  • Releasing familial and societal patterns

  • Inner child healing

  • Raising the vibrational frequencies of the body

  • Raising the consciousness of the mind

  • Spiritual counselling 

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After filling out a short questionnaire about your history and setting out what you want from the consultation, you sit fully clothed on a chair while I scan your energy field, reading where strengths and weaknesses exist within your energy body. While an IYS healing is very relaxing and peaceful, it is an interactive, self-empowering process. There will be periods of silence, but most of the time I will ask the client to repeat “releases” to help shift whatever energy, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that I perceive are blocking their energy body. I regularly check in with the client to see what is arising for them - memories, thoughts, beliefs, pain - anything coming into their intuition to work on and release.

Healing sessions are up to 90 minutes long. The number of healings needed depends upon the complexity of the issues and the speed of response in your energy field. If you wish, I can offer simple spiritual practices for you to do at home. This assists you in continuing the work done during a healing, and to help maintain your energy vibration between healings. 


IYS therapy is safe, and can bring about substantial positive changes. You do not need to believe in the spiritual or the Divine to benefit from energy healing. The view that I have been taught and the view I believe in, is that we are not just a physical body. We are multi-dimensional beings. We have an energy (etheric) body, and an astral body which is our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. We also have a Soul, through which we are all connected to the Divine dimension. IYS works because all of these bodies are inter-connected. 

Our energy body is particularly powerful. When we look to heal blockages in our chakras (which are in our energy or etheric body), this in turn helps the astral body (our thoughts and beliefs) and (filters down) to help the physical body. Equally when we are looking in IYS therapy to clear out thoughts and beliefs that are limiting us in the astral body, this correspondingly affects our energy body, physical body and life. Think of the etheric body running through and touching all these dimensions. So, when we heal our energy body it affects our Soul, heals our thoughts and beliefs and heals our physical body, while connecting us more deeply to the Divine.


As with any medication or healing methodology, IYS therapy may not work for everyone, but it does work in the majority of cases. In the rare situations where healing is not effective, I can discuss ways you may be able to help yourself to develop for the healing to be effective.

As a registered IYS therapist I am fully insured and abide by a code of ethics and conduct. I tend to my own spiritual wellbeing through peer review, continuing annual professional development and receiving healings regularly myself.

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Discovering IYS therapy, and training to be an IYS therapist myself, has been the most rewarding, transformative and enriching experience of my life so far. I am constantly amazed by the power of this healing modality to change lives. I spent many years training and experiencing different healing modalities; nothing has come close, for me, to the power of IYS therapy. Studying, practising and receiving IYS healings has opened up my heart, my connection to my Soul and love for God in ways that I didn’t know were possible. I have healed so much within myself (such as overcoming negative thinking; low self-esteem; critical self-talk; judgements, non-acceptance and blaming), and feel so much happier, healthier, more peaceful, relaxed and joy-filled than I ever have. I now understand myself, life and others so much better. 


I am continually amazed how clients can heal deep traumas, old limiting patterns and beliefs, and deep-rooted negative thinking. And I see their lives change as a result. I am deeply humbled each time I give and receive a healing, and am in awe of the profound changes that can take place. 


My deepest, heartfelt gratitude is ever present within me to Shakti Durga (see ‘The development of IYS’ section) and to the Divine for this miraculous healing modality, and for all of the profound changes and abundance it has brought to my life, and to the lives of so many others.


After experiencing phenomenal results from energy healing for chronic bronchitis, Shakti Durga (Australian Guru) extensively studied various energy healing modalities, including Pranic healing, Reiki and Crystal Dreaming, becoming a teacher of Pranic healing. She also undertook years of study with Gurus and teachers all over the world. From this work, she went on to develop the healing modality called Ignite Your Spirit therapy which combines energy healing with meditation, mindfulness and mentoring/spiritual counselling. The approach aims to literally “ignite” the client’s spirit and helps them with everything from depression and anxiety to physical illness. 


Over the last ten years Shakti Durga has created a vibrant school for the Soul called Shanti Mission, where people can come to actively work on their lives and their soul in a joy-filled way, and has passed on her healing mastery in the form of IYS therapy.


For more information about IYS and Shakti Durga please visit:




Working with me over a sustained, regular period of time allows for the greatest change to occur and allows the time for healing to take place at a deeper level. You remain committed to the healing process by engaging me for a sustained period of time. Packages offer the best value for ongoing support. 

After we have decided that we want to work together I will suggest a package that is bespoke to you in terms of length, frequency of sessions etc. Everyone is different, so every package is different. How we will work together is unique too.


The minimum length of time I work with my clients is 3 months. Sessions are up to 90 minutes long. Paying by an instalment plan is available.


​       All packages include:

  • Unlimited email support.

  • If something comes up, we can have a 10 to 15 minute call in between sessions, if needed.

  • A 100% happiness guarantee! If, after the first two sessions we have together you are not happy, I will give you a full refund. I want you to be happy with the service I provide and to feel confident about working with me, at no risk to yourself. (T&Cs apply: No refund after the first 14 days)

To start the process of working with me please book a free (no-pressure!) 60 minute consultation. If you can't see a session time that suits you for the free call, please email me to arrange. 


"The healings I have received from the incredible Lindsey/Dana Lakshmi are like no other I have received before. Dana Lakshmi is extremely intuitive as well as professional, warm and inspiring. To say I adore this beautiful healer and her techniques is an understatement. I am always recommending her! I am blessed to have met this wonderful soul." Sophia, Brighton